Sunday, August 26, 2012

Guest Post: Driven By Design

So I have started to do button swaps again, as you can see from my sidebar. I took a break for the summer but have slowly been starting up again! I am excited to have all of these lovely ladies on my blog and have asked them to do guest posts that can teach you something :) So today starting the teachable guest posting is Tayli from Driven by Design! I hope you enjoy her ideas and maybe learn something new!...

DIY picture frame with fabric.
1. Sand the picture frame.
2. Spray paint the frame.
3. After it's dry, stencil around the frame.
4. Cut out fabric to fit inside the frame.
Hope you have a very happy Monday!
Not so happy for me, today means my summer is officially over : / 


  1. Such a fun idea! great job!

  2. soooooo cute!!! hey just wanted to stop by and say hi. you commented on my blog wayyyy back in april but i feel off the bloggin planet on that post and never got back to you. im back at it and just wanted to say thanks for stoppin by! hope your summer has been great!


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