Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cheap Cards!

I love cards. I love looking for them, buying them, reading them (and laughing out loud in the aisle at Target), getting them, and giving them. They have always been something I really enjoyed. I used to make and buy them all the time! These days though I have just headed to the store to buy one then get frustrated because I remember that they all cost $5 and I can make one for free, but typically get lazy so I end up buying one anyways : / So yeah, moral of the story I should just stop being lazy and make my own cards, they are cheaper and cute :) 

p.s. don't judge me too hard I made these in 5 minutes and I'm aware, I write like a boy ; )

I hope your Friday is beautiful!
I am babysitting then having date night with my man! I can not wait! 

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