Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School I go...

Today is the day I must go back to school : / It is a very sad day for me. The only thing that makes this day a little happy is that it is my LAST first day of school EVER!!!! This summer has been so wonderful and I am not ready for it to be over! 
Travis being the wonderful man he is brought me this amazing back to school basket on Saturday morning :) Then we went to the beach, cooked dinner, and watched a movie. He helped me forget all about school on the last Saturday of my summer and it was perfect! I am such a lucky girl! Another thing that is happy about this semester is that its the first time in 2 years I have not had to say goodbye to my man :) So I guess there are 2 things to be happy about today :) 

Hope your Tuesday is happier than mine!! ; )


  1. Love the top of the can in the sand:) fun mixed with deliciousness is the best! Hope your last school year goes very well.

  2. These photos are so beautiful!! I was just over at Tiana from Lesthique's blog and I'm so glad I found yours from hers. I'm following right now! :)



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