Monday, July 2, 2012

This Weekend

We enjoyed the sun...
and it was PERFECT! I finally had a weekend off and it was heaven to 
be able to do whatever I want both Saturday and Sunday! I loved this weekend! : ) 

but now it is Monday
and this week I have to say it is 
just Monday,
I hope yours is a happy one : ) 


  1. The beach looks AMAZING! I'm glad you had such a wonderful weekend :)

    I'm doing a link-up of snapshots and instagram pictures over on my blog, and if you have 20 seconds I'd love for you to link up!


  2. I am loving all the beach & drink pictures! I only got lake pictures to show for mine but I guess that is better then nothing however beach would have been 10x better! Loved the post girlie! Super jealous...

  3. that sounds like such a happy weekend - hopefully its not too long till the next one :)

  4. great photos!!
    And I have the exact tote from pier 1 in the 1st picture! it's the cutest :)


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