Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Island

We took the ferry in (which took us under the bridge!), rode bikes around the island, stopped a long the way to enjoy the beautiful views, walked through town to see all the cool homes and the gorgeous Grand Hotel, sat outside for some lunch, and did a little shopping. It was the most perfect day! I love this island so much, we went as a family every year when I was little and I have so many awesome memories there. And it was SO fun to be able to experience it with Travis! It was relaxing and just perfect :) did I mention it was perfect? I loved it :) 

Hope your having a happy Tuesday! 


  1. wait, I heard this was the cutest place to go!!! Love all your pictures glad you had fun!


  2. Oh my gosh I love Mackinac Island!! It's so beautiful & so fun that there are no cars there! I went a long, long time ago but I still remember it and loved it!

  3. Great photos! I love Mackinac Island!


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