Monday, July 16, 2012


FroYo is a place I have always wished we had in Grand Rapids. I am so jealous of people in places like Chicago who can get it all the time! FINALLY Grand Rapids has stepped it up a few notches and welcomed their own version of FroYo to the city...Spoonlickers! It is AWESOME! :) I loved it, the kids loved it, it was just a happy moment! If you live in Grand Rapids and want to go it is in Ada, and in August there will be another one at Knapps Corner. 

{spoonlickers, you can pay me for this free advertisement if you like, I accept cash or frozen yogurt}

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, I for one wish it was Friday again! My weekend involved a lot of working : / but thats ok because next weekend will make up for it...Mackinaw with my man!!!!!

Working till 11pm last night and being up at 5 am this morning to be to work at 6:30 makes today...
Just Monday 
{no happy for me this morning!}


  1. This place looks awesome!

  2. Just looking at that place looks delicious! I miss America and it's significantly advanced interior designs! haha

  3. I love Spoonlickers!!!


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