Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Plans Change

Plans changing is not something I always handle well. If you asked Travis it is something I NEVER handle well :) I like a plan, I like to know what is going on, I like the plan to happen, and I DO NOT like the plan to change {yeah I know, I am working on it}. Our 4th of July was a good lesson for me in taking a chill pill :)

The plan was: head to Holland state park around 10 get there around 10:45, I mean for real not that many people will get there that early....Lay at the beach with my man and swim all day long, eat salad, watermelon, and drink summer shandy...then Kyle and Lauren were going to join us for fireworks in the evening.

Plan gone bad: TRAFFIC, 1.5 hours trying to park, Travis walking 30 minutes to and from car, HOT, too much stuff, burning sand, fireworks happened the night before {wth!?}, headache ALL day, HOT HOT HOT, ghetto cooller that weighed 50 lbs before food, did I mention it was hot?

Soooo yeah...to say the least things DID NOT go as planned :) and I had my pouty, taking deep breaths moment {for a good hour}. Im not going to lie, I was mad. I wanted the day to be perfect. The image of how things "should" go is what ruins stuff for me a lot of the time. So I calmed down realized that it was ok! I was at the beach with my man eating salad and drinking beer, the rest did not matter! It was still perfect even though we hit a few bumps along the way. 

And what I love the most about the whole situation is Travis. He would walk to the ends of the earth for me even if I insist on taking the longest, hardest way possible. He smiles the whole time and reminds me that it is an adventure and I am looking at it the wrong way : ) He is my positivity and I love him for that! 
Happy Tuesday Everyone : )

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  1. You have a no idea how much I just related to this story! When I read the part where you said that imagining how things "should" go ruins it for you, I couldn't help but think, "I do that too!" I'm still learning to chill out sometimes, too :)

    Sapir @ Smell the Wildflowers


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