Thursday, June 21, 2012

I Hate Computers

So I am having every problem possible with uploading my computer is SO SLOW...The internet stops every 5 I cropped on my phone are no longer cropped when I put them on my computer...
I could go on. 
AND I have been working non-stop since I have been home so time to work on it has been limited.
SO instead I will show you pictures of this stud : ) I love him so very much. He is my little buddy. Thank you Allison for having the cutest most awesome kids ever : ) 


  1. His eyes! And that stroller smile! So cute. And I'm sorry you're having one of those frustrating technology days - I hate those!

  2. oh my computer is so slow all the time! I had to get an external hard drive! It has made my "i want to throw my computer across the room day" so much less! good luck!


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