Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Happy Graduation Lindsey!

This past weekend my very good friends little sister graduated from high school. 
High school open houses make me feel so old! When I was graduating Lindsey was still in junior high! Oh my goodness I am old! :) 
Congrats Linds! I am so happy for you! 
This family knows how to put on a good party! Everything looked perfect and coordinated! :) 
That "L" is made out of a swimming noodle and a MILLION coffee filters, SO cute but takes a lot of time. 
They had all different flavored cupcakes that were SO good and simple!
Mocha, chai, lemon vanilla...they used regular boxes of cake and just added mocha and chai and lemon zest to the specific cupcakes and the frosting. They are delicious! 
The Family :)
They didn't miss a beat! Her picture was even on the bags for popcorn :) 
So happy to be with all of these girls. Everyone has moved home recently so we don't see each other as often any more, but it makes me very happy when we do! 
Happy Tuesday Everyone!


  1. What cute decorations! I love that everything coordinates. And congrats to her!

  2. The cupcake idea was such a good one with the different flavors!!!

  3. what an amazing graduation party! the decorations are so cute

  4. ahh, how cute! looks like such a fun time! my little sister just graduated from high school, and i too am feeling pretty old.


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