Wednesday, June 27, 2012


FINALLY my pictures are in order and my computer is moving 10% faster than it was last week...
I can work with that.

So starting today you can enjoy pictures of our vacation :)
Lets be honest, I know you have been anxiously waiting for them....
We flew out of Grand Rapids at 5:30 was a VERY early morning.
To say the least coffee was a MUST.
I love flying, I find it incredibly relaxing. My favorite is listening to music really loud while I watch the world move below me. But since Travis was with me I nixed the music and instead read, drank coffee, talked to him, and listened to people around us {i find that highly entertaining as well}.
I was SUPER excited to use the airplane mode : ) to have this much technology in my phone is new too me. 
^Polka dot mirror in the bathroom...yes please
^Hot travel companion YES please 
I rarely buy tabloids but when I travel they are a necessity. 
We made it to Nashville nice and smoothly :) 

HAPPY Wednesday! 

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  1. Aeroplane mode helps any holiday get off to a great start!


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