Thursday, May 10, 2012

Saturday in Virginia!

 May 5, 2012 Travis graduated collage!!! I could not be more proud and excited for him!!!

Unfortunately, it was raining : / and they were apparently very against moving it inside. So with ponchos and wet chairs we sat for 2 and a half hours while it rained off and on. Minus the rain (and it being 2 and a half hours) it was a really nice commencement, it was SO cool to see him walk across the stage and get his diploma! 

He is next to that really tall guy : ) 

I tried to get a picture of him walking to the stage but this kid was SO tall! So yeah, he is right in front of him : ) 


After Graduation we headed to celebrate at a restaurant called the Home Place.
It was the BEST ever! Its in a huge house up on a hill surrounded by mountains. They serve family style and its just one meal...fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, beans, cole slaw, biscuits, lemonade, and sweet tea. The food was to die for!!! Travis was in heaven : ) 

Travis checking out of his dorm : ) SO LONG Virginia! 

HAPPY Thursday everyone!!! : ) 


  1. thanks for your sweet comment :-) the place you're at in the end of the post looks so beautiful! xo

  2. aww, what an exciting time in your lives! great photos!!
    xo TJ

  3. Congrats to Travis! I love seeing all these pics - I'm from Richmond :)


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