Monday, May 21, 2012

I have waited a LONG time for this...

I got an iPHONE!!!! 
I realize everyone else is over the novelty because they have been in the cool club for a long time. 
The excitement for me has just begun!! :) 
I have had a phone from the stone ages for a looong time now. 
No more of that! 
: ) I can not even express my excitement!
Travis can't either, he was overjoyed when I would not put it down last night :) haha
So now I can join the club with instagram updates, letting the world know where I am every second, looking something up while driving in the car, taking 100 pics a day of myself, posting 100 pics a day on facebook/twitter/instagram, playing the latest new game, face time, scanning those cool little bar codey things, or whatever else it is you iphone people do! 
No worries friends, I will not do a lot of this :) 

Happy Monday!!! 


  1. I'm so jealous! I've been wanting one for forever, too- I'm thinking it will be my next birthday present. Have fun!

  2. Lucky you !!! Hope I'll get one soon ;-)

  3. I just got one too! LOVE it! :) Finally in the iPhone club! wahoo :)

  4. Although I am a Droid user, we can still be instagram friends! Find me: jkhf :)

  5. SO exciting! I'm leaving the stone age myself and getting an iPhone in 3 1/2 weeks. I can already tell I'll be nerding out about it for a long time haha. It's totally justifiable :)


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