Monday, April 30, 2012

I RAN A 5K!!

First time I have run a race in my life!
 I have to say I am real proud of myself! I felt so accomplished!!
I am ready for the next one! :) 
2 months ago Allison and I decided we were going to do it and yesterday we DID!! :) 
haha...let the record stand I was #1 in my age group!! 
for the record my time is the 33:19 NOT 36:42! : )

Hope you had a happy weekend!!



  1. Congrats! I ran my first 5K last year, and I loved it. I'm running another one soon!

  2. this is pretty amazing! i've never tried running that much before... i feel like it'd take me years to train for it hahah

  3. I ran my first 5k this weekend too! I'm running another one in May, and a half marathon in July! And then *drumroll please* I'm running the Tough Mudder in September!

  4. WHAHOO!!!! you go GIRL!!!

  5. Good job! I have recently been thinking about running my first 5K and you are inspiring! Also if you would like to do an ad swap with me just let me know!


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