Monday, April 16, 2012

2 Weeks and 2 Days

Travis and I have been dating now for 2 years, 3 months, & 16 days
1 year and 7 months of that he has lived in Virginia and I have lived in Michigan.

In 2 weeks and 2 days that season of our life will be over.
On Thursday May 3 I will be on my way to Roanoke, Virginia to watch him graduate 
from Roanoke College and then bring him home with me!! 
: ) : ) : ) : ) : ) I wish I could express how happy this makes me! : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) 

It has been a long, hard 2 years of school.
Long distance relationships are not the easiest thing in the world {who knew?!}  
I think I just started to get the hang of it 2 weeks ago :) 
We have learned so much about each other and ourselves. 
I truly believe after this, we can make it through anything.
We are both so excited about what the future holds for us! 

I love you Travis!
And I cannot wait to continue doing life with you!
You are an amazing man and I am forever so thankful for you in my life
You make me very happy! 

If I could make it be May 3 right now I would! I would do anything! 
: ) 
I can not wait to be in his arms!! 
Happy Monday/ Tuesday : ) 


  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and the kind words! I would love to swap buttons :)


    P.S. May 3rd is right around the corner!!!!!

  2. Cutest. Ever. That is all.

  3. hehehe i love all the smiley faces. this anticipation must be like champagne bubbling up in your belly! so exciting :)

  4. Long distance is so hard! Four months after my now fiance and I started dating, I went to study abroad in Australia for a semester. We lived in different places over summer break, had one semester together, and then he headed to Italy for a semester! So, so difficult! But we're still together over 7 years later!

    Time will fly by more quickly than you expect and then you'll have forgotten all about it and it will be worth it in the end! :)


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