Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Todays Happiness

  • The sunshine and warm weather, with even warmer weather on the forecast! I am seriously beginning to question what state I am in! 
  • Bachelor Ben's season being over!...finally
  • Watching step-up 2 with my mom...wishing we could dance! 
  • The new series my pastor just began at church "when God seems far" from the book of Ruth
  • Being able to watch sermons online when I am unable to go because of work. {if you are interested you can watch them here}
  • 3 days already done until Travis is home for the summer! 
  • My new found motivation for running {something I do not feel often}
  • Looking forward to seeing my lovely friend Audrey in a few weeks! 
  • My rearranged room! I LOVE to rearrange furniture :)
  • Talking to Travis before I sleep, even though I would rather have him here to hold me, it makes me happy to just see his face and say goodnight :)
Some recent happiness from Tumblr!
What makes you happy on this beautiful Wednesday!?


  1. Can just smell the happiness! =)

  2. THis post made me you kelli!

  3. I'm SOOO glad Ben's season is over and done with. In my opinion, Lindzi is the luckiest girl in the world!


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