Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Valentines Day as Us...

Our First Valentines {2010}
We decided in 2010 that we both hated Valentines and we didn't need to celebrate it on the day so we did it the next weekend. Because that makes total sense...obviously! Not sure what we were thinking.
So the weekend after Valentines, Travis took me to a hibachi grill and the art museum. He gave me a watch and we played Yahtzee at home : ) My favorite thing about this night was he officially asked me to be his girlfriend :) This was also the first time we took pictures together, not sure why that is.

Our Second Valentines {2011}
This was the first year Travis lived in Virginia for school. And for whatever reason schools do not give you a break for Valentines day...lame...So, I headed down to Virginia to see my man! We went to dinner and saw the movie Sanctum. We decided not to get gifts because our gift was my plane ticket but we both ended up, unintentionally, giving each other Starbucks gift cards : )

Our Third Valentines {2012}
Tomorrow will be our third Valentines as us. This year we will not be able to spend it together : ( Even though it sucks that I can not be in his arms today I know we are going to have a hundred more Valentines together, so spending this 1 out of 100 apart is ok. 

Travis you are my other half,
my best friend,
and the love of my life.
We have done so much together 
and I can not wait to experience so much more
there is NO one else I ever want to do life with.
I love you like crazy Travis
Thank you for being mine
Happy Valentines Day #3! 

 I hope you are spending tonight in the arms of someone you love!
If you don't have anyone special to be with today join me in grabbing a big glass of wine and watching the return of "Cougar Town"!! Happy Valentines Day blogging world! 

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