Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Store Lust

Travis asked me the other day
"if you had $10,000 to spend, all in one store where would you go?"
Without hesitation I said

I have changed my mind...I just found my store heaven {Madewell}


And apparently they are part of the "J-crew group." I think that sounds like they are technically the same store so if I do happen to come across $10,000 to spend on clothes at 1 store I say I should be able to shop here and J-crew : )

Say what?!...YES please I would like to get dotty! 

It is very possible everyone already knows about this store and I am just totally out of the loop but regardless I am obsessed and if you have not heard of them before you to will soon be obsessed.
Happy Tuesday : ) 


  1. I haven't really looked in to MadeWell, but I think I feel a new obsession coming on :)

  2. Love it! Good find Kelli. Also thanks for stoping by our blog the other day (and following) I'm so glad you enjoy it :) And thanks for thinking of us for your ad swap. For now we aren't posting any ads on our blog, but when we do I will definitely keep you in mind because I love your blog too!!!

  3. CUTE! Madewell has so much good stuff, but I've never bought anything from them before! Maybe I'll have to fix that :)


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