Monday, January 30, 2012

My Weekend

This weekend I went to visit my friend Audrey with her sister Allison and nephew Hudson. The weekend was perfect! It was so so SO good to see my friend, I miss her living in Grand Rapids more than I can say!! But it was so much fun seeing her cute apartment and the town she lives in! : )
We did some shopping, eating, pinning, drank some wine, ate good food, drank coffee, 
talked a lot, watched a lot of movies, and took a million pictures of Hudson! He is pretty great : ) 
^This is Audrey and her Husband Nick, they are living in Iowa while he goes to law school
I mean seriously! He is SO cute!! 
Have a happy Tuesday! : )
P.S. Audrey has an awesome blog you should go check it out!! 


  1. These pictures are so precious! What a lovely weekend!



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