Monday, January 16, 2012


"Sometimes it feels that there are so many things in this world that you cannot control, earthquakes, floods, reality shows, but it's important to remember things like forgiveness, second chances, fresh starts because the one thing that turns a world from a lonely place to a beautiful place is love, love in any of its forms, love is hope, hope for the new year. That is new year to me hope and a great party." - Quote from New Years Eve the movie 

Most things in life we are not mean to figure out, so why try? This year my goal is to not worry so much and let God be in control. I have a good life, a great life! I have so much to be thankful for, why waste my days worrying about things that just don't matter. I have so much love in my life! 

A lot of which comes from this amazing man...I love you so much Travis! You are my best friend and the love of my life! Thank you for loving me always.  

Had to get the malibu in there for a pic : ) My car is a gem! 
Sometimes we wish we were models.
I hope your Monday is FULL of LOVE! : ) 


  1. I'm a new follower via Blue Eyed Owl. I just wanted to pop in to say that these photos are absolutely lovely! :)

  2. So cute! Love the photos - you are such a gorgeous couple! This truly brightened up my day! Hugs xxx

  3. You guys are too cute!! Love this post. Thanks for sharing the pics with all of us!

    We just came over & followed from Pineapple Lily. We're now following & looking forward to reading more! ;)

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  4. Beautiful post and great plan for the year. It is so freeing when we stop trying to be in control and just flow with it.

  5. You two are so cute! I love your bangs! Seriously they always look so full and beautiful :)

  6. These are so fantastic Kelli! Did you take them in settlers grove? Miss you!

  7. Pictures are so cute kelli!!!! Were they taken in settlers grove?

  8. I'm such a dork...Katie asked the same thing...hahaha

  9. I LOVE these photos! Such a great location. And whoever took them did a wonderful job :) I need to stop worrying too. And instead just live and love!

    Hope you have a great week!


  10. Seriously. These photos are GORGEOUS! Love love love them.

  11. these pictures are gorgeous! you two are absolutely adorable!!! so much love :)

  12. I am SO glad that you commented on my blog on the 7 pretty things because it helped me find YOURS! I love, love, love these photos, and I think that you are SUPER CUTE! If we lived near each other I would really want to be real life friends :) I can't wait to come back and read more!! :)


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