Monday, December 12, 2011

Pink Glittery and Twinkly

{Day 12}
I know it is kind of late but I didnt want to miss a day! : ) 
I miss Christmas at my house Downtown.
Like I mentioned yesterday one of my old roommates graduated college! 
So while I was there the other night I took a few pictures of their Christmas decorations
I miss living with these girls so much, a house decorated for Christmas by 
7 girls is great, everything is pink, glittery, and twinkly : ) I love it!
 {That used to be my room}
I hope you had a great Monday!!


  1. 'Pink, glittery & twinkly' ... I love it.


  2. oh such lovely photos! i absolutely love the decorations - really christmasy! x

  3. How cute! I loved Christmas time when I was away at college because everything WAS pink! Now I have to do red ;-) I love Christmas decorations! Super cute! XO

  4. Those decorations are lovely!!! I don't think I'd miss living in a house with 7 other girls though. :o)


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