Monday, December 19, 2011

oh vacation...

So I have once again failed an attempt at posting pictures every day.
I really thought I was going to do it this time!
But vacation to me is not really being on my computer.
I have been enjoying my friends and Travis. We have been out to eat, to church, watched movies, ate popcorn, watched basketball, baked cookies, and laughed a lot. I am enjoying every minute of it.
If I have a minute I will stop by again but otherwise I will catch you when I get home : )

Sorry for my absence. Keep on checking, I promise I will be back!

P.S. I used these recipes today and they were wonderful! You should try them!
I hope you are enjoying this last week before Christmas! 


  1. i have been bloggy breaking too lately, and it feels good!

  2. Yum, those cake pops look delicious. I really want to try making some!

  3. I made those yummy candy cane pops too! Isn't this time of year the best?


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