Thursday, December 29, 2011

Not So Wordy Me

I have been thinking a lot lately about my blog and what exactly I want it to be. I am constantly trying to think of things to write about and I just cant come up with anything. Or I do think of something so I write it out and it is just a jumbled mess. I am not a writer that is something I know, so really I just shouldn't try to be one. I started thinking, why try and make my blog something that is not me. So the conclusion I have come to is...this blog will not be wordy. I am going to share my life through pictures and whatever I am feeling that day which will most likely be in 1 to 2 sentences :) I really enjoy posting like I did yesterday {here} so I will probably do a lot of that.

I am simple
I am not an extremely complex person
I am really not so wordy

So from here on out I am not going to try and force inspirational posts, I am just going to be me.
p.s. Sorry that was so wordy...I promise to never do that again! : )

I hope you had a lovely day! 


  1. I am the same way. :) i like to get straight to the point and leave my writing to a minimum. I don't have time to read long wordy posts so I don't expect that of my readers. :)

  2. You are so cute! Just want you to know that I love your blog!
    Happy new year :)

    <3 Karen from


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