Thursday, December 1, 2011

25 days till Christmas

Why I love December 2011...
Travis comes home and will be here for 1 month!
Visiting friends with Travis in Tennessee
The snow {come January I wont say this anymore}
No school!
It was the month Travis was born 
My parka
Our 2 year anniversary in it
I get to see my big brother
Christmas music
Christmas decorations
Christmas everything

I have not been using my camera very much lately and that must come to an end! Starting today I am going to take at least one picture {and post it} every day until Christmas. I would like to try and make all of them Christmasy pictures but we will see : ) 

{Day 1}
1. Red Christmas socks
2. My bedroom Christmas decorations!
3. The very unfortunate time I had to wake up this morning
4. More christmas decorations
Happy December 1!


  1. I super love the month of December. This month I am looking forward to seeing my brother. He is staying with me and the family for about 3 weeks. Have a happy December sweetie!

  2. This is the cutest idea ever! :) It sounds like your December is going to be amazing! :) Can't wait for break!


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