Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lately Unedited

I am having some SERIOUS technical difficulties with my computer lately.

I have a thing about putting up pictures before I edit them, as in I WONT do it. But lately when I try to edit pictures everything goes REALLY slow and it takes like 30 seconds just for the picture to come into focus. And I am going to be completely honest, I do not have anywhere close to enough patience for things like that!

Sooo I am breaking down and exposing my unedited pictures.
^See I have been trying new hairstyles, I was not making that up! :) Thank you Hair Romance!
 ^Chicago with my lovely friends :) shopping, walking, drinking wine, and laughing a lot :) 
it was wonderful! 
^Wearing my Uggs :) as much as I hate winter {this is something that will become very obvious after 1 week of snow in the lovely GR Michigan} I LOVE wearing Uggs and my parka! My parka deserves its own post, be excited for that! 
^I received a really really REALLY wonderful thing in the mail!! I can not even express to you my excitement about what came in that box! Seriously...I just tried to type my excitement 4 times and the words were not good enough. 
^Celebrated my wonderful mother's Birthday! I made a flop of a dinner and spread the frosting on the cake before it was all the way cooled. But all was well, she loved it, and we had had fun :)
^School and coffee...I drink at least 1 cup of coffee every day, preferably Starbucks. I am pretty sure if I did not drink coffee I would fully pass out in class instead of the usual head bobbing sleep. So I mean it's kind of helping right?!
{no patience to even flip this picture}
TRAVIS COMES HOME TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) 
Have a happy Tuesday : )


  1. I love getting packages in the mail too! :) Yay for you man coming home!!

  2. That is a pretty intense hairstyle! Looks great!

  3. photos still look great! :)
    your hair is GORGEOUS!

  4. oooh Erin Condren! what did you order??? I bought one of their life planners this year, and it is AMAZING. pricey, but amazing.

  5. your unedited photos are just fabulous girl! and don't worry, you aren't alone. i do not have ANY patience whatsoever! ha
    xo TJ

  6. You have cute hair and a cute life :-) Can't wait for our game night in December!! YAY!

  7. I just found your blog, and I'm a new follower. I just have to say, cute hair! In the new updo, and in all those pictures!

  8. OOH... I don't want to totally blogspam you... but you really should check my blog Bye Bye Beehive. It has tons of hairstyles and I think you might like some :)


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