Friday, November 11, 2011

Introducing November Sponsors part 1!

I guess there is a thing going around called the Leibster Award and the lovely Lily White featured me in it. So here I am passing it on!

liebster is a german word meaning: dear, sweet, kind, nice, good, beloved, lovely, pleasant, cute, endearing, and welcome.

Rules of the Liebster Award
1. choose 5 new bloggers to recieve the award
2. thank the giver of the award and make sure to link back to her blog when you blog about the award
3. reveal your 5 picks and leave a comment on their blog with the good news!
3. make sure to copy and paste the award onto your blog
5. have faith that your followers will spread the love!

So I am going to pass this on to 5 of my sponsors for November while introducing them!

Please take a minute and check out their blogs all of these ladies are wonderful!
{Click on their picture and it will bring you directly to their blog}
Let them know I sent you! 
Blog in 3 Words: Eight Simple Topics
Favorite Season: fall! I love the cold weather because it calls for boots and comfy sweaters! I love roaming around the house in my "boot slippers", and fall brings on all the best holidays, one right after another. Plus, it gives you an excuse to drink all the hot drinks you want and feel guilt free! "They keep me warm" is what I always say! 
Favorite Hobby: I am most passionate about blogging. I'm new to Blogspot, but I have been blogging on Wordpress for a few years now. You meet so many new friends in the blogging community. It has been SO refreshing to come to Blogspot and meet so many fellow Christians especially! I've had the chance of meeting people all the way in California to across the states right here in Virginia. Blogging also makes you feel good about yourself. Not only are you meeting people, just like you, but you are also sharing your stories and experiences with those people as well. Who doesn't like to talk about themselves once in a while?! Blogging let's you do just that, and gives you reasons to bake, dress up, or go to a fashion show, etc, and you have someone to share it with when you get home! People who appreciate the same hobbies and interest you do.
Blog in 3 Words: Life is Beautiful
Favorite Season: Fall! I love waking up to a crisp funny fall morning under a down comforter, and putting on soft sweaters and tall boots after a cup of hazelnut hot chocolate. I love the colors of the leaves. I'm from New England and there is nothing more beautiful than New Hampshire in peak leaf season. The deep reads and brilliant oranges takes my breath away. 
Favorite Hobby: I love to dance. Here at BYU I take just about everything from ballroom to ballet. I love the beauty and grace of movement to music. I love the power of the human body. The release and peace I get from being out on the floor, just dancing, is better than anything. I love the fluidity of two bodies moving as one, commanded by the music. 

Blog in 3 Words: Jesus, Encouragement, Faith
Favorite Season: I love summer. I know that's probably the most common answer, but the sun, the heat, the barbecues, the swimming, the tanning, the early-morning running, the outdoors, the nights, and the time-off are absolutely from God. 
Favorite Hobby: I am so passionate about serving others. Being an assistant cross country coach now, an aspiring nurse, and a missionary to Haiti soon, I find complete joy in being a light in others lives. 

Blog in 3 Words: Encouraging, Real, Modern-vintage
Favorite Season: Summer. I was born in northern Argentina, where the weather is 120+ for most of the year. I LOVE hot weather, flip flops, suntans, summer clothes, the beach, super cold drinks and the feeling of a warm breeze against my skin. 
Favorite Hobby: I love creating in general, from sewing to blogging, home decor and design, I really enjoy everything that puts my creative juices to work! =)
Blog in 3 words: adventure, lifestyle, and fun
Favorite Season: fall. I love the smell of pumpkin spice filling up the house and watching/taking pictures of all the colorful leaves outside.  
Favorite Hobby: Wow, this is a hard one. I have lots of hobbies that i enjoy, sewing, decorating, cooking, hiking and being outdoorsy with my hubby Bear and dog Shento.


  1. Yayyy! It looks so great. Thanks so much for the shout-out and for featuring me! Its funny, cause I actually passed on the Leibster Award to ya earlier this week too (not many saw it so dont worry).

  2. Thanks so much for the feature and the award! I'll be sure to pass it on when I get back from my little weekend're awesome :)


  3. its going to be a great month of sponsors!!!

    Classic & Bubbly


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