Saturday, November 5, 2011

Birthday : )

So it is here, today is the day I become 23. 

I am so OLD! : ) {just kidding I know I am really not}
Travis's birthday is December 25 {a Christmas birthday sucks, try to avoid it at all times} and we are the same age so I am always older than him for almost 2 months. To say the least he LOVES it! I will be reminded for the next 2 months how old I am : ) 

During my 23rd year of life I would like to...
travel out of the country
graduate college!!
find a career
find more time to do things I enjoy
take more pictures
enjoy the small things
be with Travis ON my birthday : )
love more!

I am so excited for the things to come this year! 
Thank you for following! I look foward to sharing this next year with you!
Happy Saturday! : ) 
I hope it is BEAUTIFUL!


  1. Have a fantastic birthday!!!! I turn the big 23 in jan!!

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope your day is fabulous!!!

  3. Happy birthday!! Have such a great day :)

  4. Happy Birthday sweet girl!! What amazing goals for your 23rd year. I wish I had done these throughout mine!

  5. happy birthday! I hope you have a fantastic day. :]

  6. Happy Birthday! I hope you get to spend every waking moment with your man and he does good. ;)

  7. Ohhh Happy Birthday girl!!! Awesome! And 23 isn't that old haha. I am 23 almost 24...ahhh that is old lol. And I graduated college at age 23 so that is awesome too :) I'm having a giveaway on my blog so take a look if you want!


  8. Yaaay happy birthday! I hope it's great!

    - Sarah

  9. Hey! Thanks for entering the giveaway! Just a heads up you can make another comment since you followed via Twitter!!! So you have another entry!! :)

  10. Happy birthday and all the best. Looking forward to reading about you completing that list.

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I turn 22 in a few weeks and I feel like I'm getting so old! I love your list of things you want to do this year-I share a lot of those with you!

  12. Happy birthday a little late!!!! I hope it was a very happy one!! :o)

  13. Happy birthday friend!!!! I'm 25, I win the old card :( hope you had a fabulous day!!


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