Friday, November 4, 2011

Birthday Week!...22

During my 22nd year of life I...
moved into a house downtown with 6 girls
babysat Georgia
worked at the Country Inn and Suites
was baptized
went to Virginia and Iowa 
{somehow I feel my life is getting boring with age, I must put an end to this!}
My 22nd birthday was spent a lot of different ways! 
First with Travis while he was home in October. 
Then I had birthday dinner with my mom at home. This birthday was a little strange because everyone in my family was gone Kyle in New York, Chris in Australia  and Travis in Virginia. 
 Then on another night I went to The Republic with Stacy, Audrey, and Allison.
 And THEN {I told you I celebrated a lot} I went to paint pottery with friends
We also took "family pictures" this night.
These were all of my roommates : ) 
 Happy Friday! Finally!! {It has been a looong week over here.}


  1. the cake made me hungry. Anyway, i hope that you can join my $50.00 shopbop gift card giveaway

  2. happy birthday! that polka dot wall is so fun :)


  3. Aw so much fun! :) I feel the same way...birthdays keep getting less exciting year after year...but you were surrounded by so much love! :)

  4. these are such cute pictures! love it - and happy almost birthday!

  5. love this! and that first picture of the cake looks divine!

  6. OMG!!! SOOOO Fun....Love all the fun times!!! Shall we follow each other?
    I would love to feature EL Vintage on your blog too.
    xxxxx Emily of EL Vintage

  7. I'm loving that polka dot wall that is creeping here and there on the blog!

    Seems like you have been blessed with very nice past birthdays!!

    Virginie ♥


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