Thursday, October 13, 2011


Hi My Lovely Readers!

I hope everyone is enjoying my wonderful guest posting friends! : ) I am loving sharing their stories with all of you. I will say though I miss gabbing at you guys every day! I guess I have more time for homework this month so thats a good thing, but I have so much so say and I cant let it all out! : )  {I am kidding, I will probably survive}

So here is what I have been up to lately...

1. Skyping {and missing with my whole heart} this hot man

2. The usual school, school, and more school 

3. Tried out a new hair-do compliments of Hair Romance! Which if you know me this is not something I do...My hair styles consist of up in a very messy bun on top of my head, half up, or down looking frizzy. 

4. Work, work, and more work.

 5. I made a paper chain : ) I make one of these when there are only 2 weeks before I get to see my man! It helps me count down the days and be excited instead of just being depressed he isn't here. Even though lets me honest most of the time I am depressed he isn't here. But I guess the chain helps a little :) 

6. I went to Travis's Grandpa's 85th birthday party! This was a new experience for me, going to a family event without him! But his family is great so it was really nice : )  This party was really special for them because they have family all over the world and so many of them were able to come. There were people from Canada, Seattle, California, London, and New York. It was really cool that they had this chance to all be together!
This is Travis's grandpa {on the right} his sister from London and brother from California

7. And as you saw before I took some pictures for my cousin and her family over the weekend : ) Here are a couple more of my favorites that I have been working on...
Well I believe that is all for now
Enjoy your Thursday :)
{That deserves MUCH bigger letters but I don't know how to make them any bigger}


  1. You are the cutest! :) I sympathize with the's hard! Keep going darling!

  2. Gosh, girl! You take some gorgeous pictures!! I love the ones you took of your cousin & fam. Those kids are adorably cute! :o)

    I think it's so sweet that ya'll skype, too. My parents live in India and I'm in TN, so that's the only way we see each other. Thank goodness for skype!!

    I'm following you via Mrs. T's and looking forward to getting to know you better!! :o)

    xoxo, Sarah Kate

  3. Your new hairdo is adorable like that, I love it! Good job. :)

    Nicole Marie


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