Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Positive Thinking

This is something I am working on right now. I am a naturally negative person {unfortunately} so it is hard for me to be positive all of the time. It is especially hard for me when my boyfriend lives in Virginia, my best friend lives in Iowa, and I currently attend school which I hate. If I were to do what comes natural to me I would go home every day after work or school and sit in bed watching shows/blogging all night because that is just what is easy for me. But that IS NOT what I want. 
I want to be someone who
is social
is positive
makes crafts
takes pictures
enjoys people
does not hideout when sad
smiles because its sunny
smiles because its rainy
thanks the Lord every morning for the day
enjoys life
all it has to offer!

So to help out with my positive thinking I found these : )

Excuse the language but sometimes swear words inspire me :)

I hope everyone has a SUPER HAPPY WEDNESDAY!! : ) 


  1. I can definitely be this way too! I try to remind myself of all the wonderful things in life!!

  2. I can relate to this post all too well! I'm doing my best to change it right now in hopes that it'll just become easier. :]

  3. Whew, i know girl. I try to remind myself of this too... love your heart and your pins:)

  4. I love these. I want a wall papered with quotes like these. Yes, even the shit one. :)

  5. Hello, Happy I came across this blog, I really need this inspiration today....
    Jackie :)

  6. I'm a positive person by nature, but I'll admit, sometimes I have days where I'm just a giant ball of negativity! No one can be positive and happy ALL the time. That would be annoying. ;o)

  7. Love that youre working on positivity girl!! It makes the days much more enjoyable :)

  8. i need some positive in my life right now!!! thank you!

  9. I love this post!! I know its hard to stay positive. Trust me I feel the same way at times. what I found that helps, running! weird I know but it works. You can do it. I love your blog!!! now following :)

    Classic & Bubbly

  10. i love this. i read a page from the secret every morning. it always keeps my thoughts positive throughout the day. great post, love. If you get second, I'd love if you'd check out my pictures from my first Halloween in Hollywood. thanks, love. xo


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