Thursday, October 13, 2011


You MUST watch this...Drop everything you are doing and watch this now...

The one question I had after watching this was...

WHY in the world are people crying!? That man is crying!! Now don't get me wrong I have nothing wrong with a man having a good cry, but really!? He's crying about these little girls being excited {well excited might be an understatement} about Nicki Minaj?!?! I mean each to their own I guess.

Any who this just made my day for sure! Thanks Shayln {from The Nelson Diaries} for posting this!

And just in case you did not see the orgininal...

My favorite thing in this video is her little friend just chillin dancing around a little : )

I hope my future children have this much personality! And it would be really great if they could do something awesome so I could go to the Ellen show. I will make sure to start teaching them awesome things right away!
For the record I am not having a baby now or ANYWHERE in the near {or far} future...just wanted to clear that up. I am going to try and get married first : )
I normally don't like to post twice in one day but I think this is completely worth it : ) 



  1. Haha! I saw that too. And wondered the same thing. It's awesome and I love that girls vibrant personality and incredible talent. But it didn't make me cry... Not even tear up.

  2. Just saw this too...I just like how the other girl just kinda stands there...I think the people crying are their parents.

  3. OH my gosh..that little girl is crazy hyper. Also, I think the guy crying is her dad. lol.

  4. hahaha oh my i love how that is on ellen! dang those little girls were SO excited! so funny & cute

  5. I LOVE this!! How adorable are those little mini ballerinas turned nicki minaj?! It totally brightens my day whenever I watch it. I love how fun kids are...wish more adults were as fun! :) MademoiselleMichael

  6. eeeekkkkk i just found your blog, and i am lovin it!
    so darling!!!!! :)


  7. these are great! haha :) loved it. loving your blog :) so happy I stumbled across it!

  8. So I dropped everything I was doing to watch this, and it was sooooo worth it!!!! Baaaaahahahaah oh my that little girl has some energy!!!!!! I'm so glad you posted this, girl! Going to bed with my cheeks sore =D



  9. so cute. Maybe that guy was her dad or something.. seeing your kids dreams come true might do that to you? haha

  10. Just found your blog through Flutter Happy! And I loved this video, too cute. That other little girl had me laughing. I can't believe how talented she is.


  11. I saw this featured on Yahoo!!! I about died laughing at how excited that little girl got!!! What a little cutie! :o) Nicki Minaj was so great with her, too.

    I love the new blog design! I am constantly changing mine, too. :o)

  12. I saw this and got weirdly jealous! I can't for the life of me "rap" this song.



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