Friday, October 7, 2011


Huge Sigh!

This week is FINALLY over! It was a long week for me, consumed with nothing but work, class, homework, and more homework! The weekend is not looking much better but at least I will have some time to hang out with friends and have a glass of wine! : )

So in turn I have no pictures to share, no exciting news, and nothing really to talk about. I could continue talking about how obsessed I am with fall, how badly I want Travis to come home to me, or how much I despise school.

But I will spare you and instead share this little gem of a video.
Please enjoy...

Last summer my friends and I would watch it over and over again then go around for days acting like her : ) we were slightly obsessed!
I mean seriously she is hysterical. You can try to deny it but I know the truth!

For more of your viewing pleasure here we are showing off our Miranda dancing skills...
You don't have to tell us how cool we is a fact we are well aware of.
GREAT giveaway at The Beetle Shack! Go check it out! And check our her blog she is awesome!!
I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!


  1. Kate Hollstein10/07/2011 10:03 AM

    I am really ecccited to watch this video again. I haven't watched it in a lonkgg time :)

  2. Ha ha ha!! What a funny video :) Freaking stellar dancing moves I'd say!

  3. Wow. We r so cool. Also, I'm really glad those pics made it to the Internet....they deserved a special place in blogland!

  4. Love these pictures!!

    Steph at

  5. hahah, this video is so great! :)

  6. Hilarious!! So funny to see how universal the Miranda love and mockery is!! All my friends and I did it and when I first got my job at Disney and found out she did the same thing out in Disneyland- I'm not gonna lie, I sort of thought I was cool for no good reason! Loving your blog so far and so excited to be a new follower so I can keep snooping around!

  7. hahaha that's a classic!
    Love your blog, great name btw!


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