Monday, October 3, 2011

Laynie and a storm

The other day while I was hanging out with Laynie there was a sweet storm...
 So we decided to go outside and watch it from the porch
 But the rain started blowing really hard and it was getting us wet so we went back inside to watch from the window : )
 I LOVE storms! I love sitting inside wrapped in a blanket watching the lighting and rain. For some reason they make me feel very relaxed and comfy. When I was a kid we had windows all over the front of our house so anytime there was a storm we would sit on the couch and watch it come in. My brothers and I used to count the seconds from when there was lighting to when it thundered because my mom told us that meant thats how close the storm was to us : )
Sadly it did not last very long : / 
 Laynie was going for best hair that day : )
 I love this little girl SOOOO much!!
For those of you who do not know Alayna is my friend Allison's little girl : ) Allison is sisters with Audrey, Hailey, and Katie. Audrey is my friend who I talk about a lot who just moved to Iowa, also one of my sponsors {check her out!} and the 4 of them are basically my sisters : ) therefore Alayna is basically my niece : ) Anywho that may have been super confusing! Sorry about that little tangent...
I was featured yesterday over at My Unrehearsed Life! Go check it out!
Awesome giveaway at Crowley Party!!

 Happy Monday!
I dont actually like Mondays, I think they suck 99% of the time. But I hope that you have a happy one! : ) 


  1. Great photos from the storm! Laynie is such a cutie! I love thunderstorms too and listening to the rain. Except when I have to go out in them :)

    Happy Monday to you, too!!

    -Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

  2. I used to count the time in between too! :) Great past time with my brothers! Laynie is so sweet :)

  3. Oh. I miss her! I just was to squeeze both of you!!!

  4. Oh my goodness, Laynie's hair is awesome. Too cute, and she rocks it proudly.

  5. So...I'm a little behind but I also hate Mondays and think that little girl is squeeze-me-adorable!

    It's so exciting to get some younger women in this blogging world. Just found your blog and I'm FOR SURE becoming a follower =)

    Can't wait to get to know you through this blog world!

  6. we still count the seconds between lightning and thunder! i love storms, as well. there is something relaxing about them! alayna is beautiful, i love her funny faces!

  7. so cute! Look at those awesome faces:) I have "nieces and nephews" too, who cares if they're not blood. SO fun :)

  8. Aw, you look so cute together! :) I bet you had a cosy time watching the storm!

  9. Awe totally digging the "O" faces.. and the pajamas..
    Such cute pictures..
    I finally got the gfc to work.. Yay!


  10. This reminds me of when my daddy & i used to watch storms together. We would sit out on lawn chairs and count the distance between lightening and thunder.


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