Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Late night song

Counting calories does not allow food after 9 so instead of a late night snack here is a late night song : ) 
Basically the same thing I am aware..

And just because I think this is funny and I should probably have it blown up so I see it often... 

Hope your week is going great : ) 


  1. ooo I kind of love that song instead of snack idea. :) Good thinking! And ya... I may or may not have slept my entire day away yesterday... :/

  2. That's one of my favorite songs right now! I can understand how getting distracted over listening to great songs can distill the want of food haha. Good luck!

  3. How funny is that! So cute!

  4. I always late night snack, so now I feel guilty. The last bite has all the calories right? I just try to leave 1 bite left. - Alyssa


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