Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kids are positive thinkers

I wish I had the optimism and positivity of a child.
They are easily entertained, they get to play for hours, and all they worry about is not getting to watch barney at least once a day!
Unless you are this little girl...then you worry that someone is going to forget you want pesto cavatapi so you tell everyone waiting in line, or you worry about why the little girl at the table next to us is eating with scissors (chopsticks).
This little girl is Georgia : ) 

Travis and I took her out for dinner at her restaurant of choice which naturally was Noodles and Company.
For those of you who do not know, Gergia's mom was my 8th grade teacher and I got the wonderful pleasure of hanging out with G every Tuesday and Thursday last year! You will quickly learn I really love to talk about her : ) she is pretty cool.
After dinner I watched her and Travis play in a tiny pile of leaves on the sidewalk in front of Noodles for a half hour. It was the definition of Childlike thinking. She was SO entertained and as you can see so was Travis : ) I loved watching how happy she was they were throwing the leaves over and over again, walking in circles kicking the leaves with her feet, and picking out the perfect ones to bring home to mom and dad. It was such a good reminder to enjoy the small things in life.
Nothing in life is so big that you shouldn't take a few minutes out of your day to throw some leaves in the air : )
It's hard to say which is better, children being easily entertained, or how children make grown men dance around in the Noodles parking lot.
Its so easy to get into a rhythm of schedules that we forget to have fun sometimes. And when you are forgetting to have fun you are MOST definitely not thinking positively enough!
So HAVE FUN throw some leaves! 
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Hope your Thursday is HAPPY!


  1. I love the last animated picture! So fun!

  2. How cute is Georgia!? And it is so sweet how Travis is with her :) This post made me smile and encouraged me to enjoy the little blessings that surround me today!

  3. Such sweet pictures!! Love the new look of your blog, lady!! :)

  4. She is adorable! It looks like you guys really love her. That animate picture is perfect!

  5. Kids are pretty amazing, eh? Love love love the photo of them sitting in the leaves - precious!

    xo Shannon

  6. I think it's awesome she knows what cavatappi is. It had to be adorable to hear her ask for it! So cute. You're right, kids are eternal optimist. How does that change?

  7. How cute!!! and so sweet! really adorable picturs :)


  8. This last gif is so so precious. I love it!


  9. my little one randomly asked me to stop driving yesterday so we could walk in the fall leaves. it was do much fun!

    lovely post!


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