Friday, October 14, 2011

Guest Post!...My Soul is the Sky

Happy Friday!!! 
I don't think you understand my excitement that I can say I get to see my boyfriend TOMORROW!! You can try though : ) 

Sooo I decided to try a new look for the blog. I get bored sometimes really quickly and I was really wanting it to look less cluttered and more simple so I figured I would give this a try! I apologize if you had to see it last night while I was editing it : ) What do you think? Do you think the font is hard to read? Let me know! 

Today I have another lovely guest post by Melissa from My Soul is the Sky! Please enjoy : ) 

Hello lovelies. I'm Melissa from My Soul is the Sky and I want to thank Kelli for letting me be a sponsor swapper with her cute blog Daily Polkadots. My blog is a collection of things that I'm currently obsessing over. The things I love most being:
I use a lot of pictures to depict my adventures; a photo journalist of sorts, but I'm working on my writing skills so I can write more about our everyday life and can go back and read about the adventures.  So take a little detour and come check out my little blog, My Soul is the Sky. Maybe it's got something you'll enjoy too. Thanks for reading!
Have a WONDERFUL Friday! 
I can actually be excited about this weekend because I don't have to work AND I get to see Travis! : ) 


  1. I always enjoy guest blog post on other people's blogs. I allows me to find new bloggers.
    And I never saw your old blog look but what you have right now is really cute! I like it :)

  2. love my soul is the sky! seriously a favorite.

  3. love your new blog look! :)
    i also love the guest post! love her hairdo!

    thanks for sharing!!!



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