Monday, October 10, 2011

Guest Post!...Behind the Scenes

Happy Monday Everyone...
Hope you enjoy this recipe from the lovely Liz over at Behind the Scenes!
If you get a chance go check out her blog and say hello!
First I want to thank Ms. Kelli for having me over today. I just love her, seriously she is too sweet. I thought it would be fun to share an end of summer recipe with you! I know summer is officially over and Fall is quickly making it's presence known, but I know you can still get fresh peaches at your grocery story so promise me you'll put on shorts, a tank, & some flip-flops and pretend its 90 degrees out, then whip up these peaches. Sound like a plan? Did I mention how easy this was too? Or how if you are like me you might end up just eating the peaches straight from the pan? (Who needs ice cream anyway?)
Doesn't that just look melt in ya mouth delicious?
Here's what you need. Feel free to add more peaches to the recipe, I only used 3 because I forgot I had them and they needed to get used that's all I had left in my fridge.
Oh my gosh, so tasty. Seriously, when you make this recipe you are going to want to start talking with a southern drawl. It's fun though so do it. 
Most important part: TASTE TEST. Once or twice or maybe about ten times until the peaches are almost gone before they make it to the ice cream. Not that I did that or anything! 
Is your mouth watering yet? Yea! Told ya so!
Thanks again Daily Polkadots readers for having me. 
Come visit my internet home anytime ya like, doors always open.


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