Friday, October 28, 2011

Followers Fest!!

PhotobucketI keep reading about "October Followers Fest" so I figured why not join in! I am going to be linked up over at Much Love, Illy So you should go check it out and link up your fall post!

Because of work and school I do not get to enjoy relaxing fall days too often but I did get to enjoy one while Travis was home : )

In the morning we had breakfast at Real Food Cafe...BEST place for breakfast in Grand Rapids, even though I don't actually like breakfast : ) I do like their food a lot.

After breakfast we visited his grandparents then went to Cannonsburg {ski hill} to walk up the hill and take pictures of the trees, sadly we were not aloud to walk on the hill because of construction : (
After that we went to Meijer and got painting pumpkin supplies and beer! 
I have decided painting a pumpkin is a WAY better idea than carving it!! : ) 
Incase you wanted to give it a try here is what you will need...
To make smaller dots I tried a Q-tip and a very small paintbrush but neither worked so instead I used the other end of the paint brush and it worked really well! 
TA DA! The finished product...
Oh how I love Fall : )
Happy FRIDAY!!!


  1. You two are so sweet! :) I love your polka dot pumpkin! Ahh the last picture...I took one just like it today that I will share tomorrow...only since I live in the desert...there are no leaves! :(

  2. I love your pumpkin!!! It's so great. I'm considering doing the follower fest, but to be honest i don't really understand how it works.

    - Sarah

  3. i LOVE your pumpkin! its so cute! hopping over from the follow fest! :)

    sharde @ the style projects

  4. love the polka dots. :] and you're right, painting pumpkins is definitely better 'cause that way they last longer! I didn't understand this when I was little and my mom wouldn't let me carve my pumpkins...

  5. I love your pictures! too cute! newest follower :)

  6. this is so cute. I pretty much just really want that pumpkin. I might have to use that idea. I miss you and love you!

  7. Hi new friend! I love the pumpkin! That's such a good (and way less messier) idea! I know what you mean about school and work keeping you from enjoying fall. This is the first year in 5 years that I've actually done fun things!

  8. Love the polka dotted pumpkin!!! Adorable! Found you on Followers Fest. Great blog!!

  9. seriously how cute is your pumpkin...i love it!!!! :)

  10. your pumpkin is perfect girl! adore! and what is this october followers fest. i keep seeing it but am too lazy to figure out what it is, ha
    xo TJ

  11. new your cute pumpkin! makes me want to do one too...although i'm busy painting some frames. :) hope you'll come visit me over at

  12. You guys are so cute together! Love your pumpkin, I've always done them the old fashion way; knife and black marker :)

    New follower from follower fest

  13. I LOVE the pumpkin!!!! Its SOOOOOO cute!!!!!!!

  14. I love how your husband sat on the porch reading while you crafted. That's love. I hate carving pumpkins. Am I allowed to say that as an American? I'm all over paint though. Done.


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