Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bloggers Block

I am having this.
I just can not seem to come up with the words to put on my blog
So instead I will do what I do best and share some pictures

This is a my new favorite drink...
 This is my favorite season
This is a peak at something I am making {with the help of Allison}
 This is someone I miss
This is something I would like to witness more often : ) 
This is somewhere I wish I was

Happy Tuesday all : ) I hope today is a beautiful day for you!
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  1. I totally understand, I had writer's block all last week! Great pictures and fun details about life. Fall is my favorite season too, and can't wait to see what you are doing with all that fabric!

  2. Writers block sometime allows the best thinking to come through! :) I love your pictures too....I hate missing the boyfriends...rough stuff! Just need to surround ourselves with other wonderful things!

  3. I'm dealing with writer's block myself! It's so frustrating because sometimes I'll have 20 ideas in my head for posts, and then on days like today, there's nothing! :o/

    You still did a great job sharing, though!!! I love your pictures!!!

  4. 1.) Woodchuck and Ace Pear are my favorite ciders
    2.) Where is that paradise there?

  5. just found your blog! so cute. i love your photos in this post and sorry about the writer's block, we all experience that time to time and that is what photos are for :-) newest follower :-)

  6. I loove Woodchuck!! I am not a beer person and this is something I actually enjoy. And, Autumn is my most favorite time of year, by FAR!

  7. I think you conveyed more than you think...sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words! :)

  8. Gah, I HATE when I get blogger's block. I wish I had some advice for you but sadly I don't. Love the pictures though!

  9. What a charming post. Looks like bloggers block works well for you!


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