Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Awesome & Awkward

I figured I would give this awesome and awkward thing a try : ) I am going to do it on Wednesday instead of the usual Thursday...obviously since it is Wednesday...anyways here you are!

-Sign hanging up at school... "SEX WEEK even better than shark week"
-Girl wearing flip flops and Northface in September...come on pick one or the other!!
-Bringing your child to college...???
-Got on the wrong bus instead of going downtown I took a little tour of Allendale and the off campus apartments.

-Listening to Justin Bieber while doing I am not ashamed one bit that he is on my ipod
-We are officially into single digits until Travis comes home!!! 9 DAYS!!!
-I found $5.00 under the seat in my car
-Sparkling Ice...New drink I discovered...obsessed!

Check it...I am guest posting over at Behind The Scenes today!! 

Behind the Scenes


  1. Ha ha...bringing children to college...this reminds me of a story! My boyfriend went to law school orientation and there was a young lady there who brought their baby! Brought their baby to law school orientation! The dean had to actually stop his speech, turn to her, and tell her to shush that baby! It was so sad but kinda necessary! This awkward made me think of that!

  2. I love finding money! It hardly ever happens but woot for you girl. Love the awkward about people wearing two different seasons... people do that here too. I don't get parkas and sandals.

  3. Hi Kelli! My name is also Kelli- I'm sure you understand the thousands of times our name has been spelled wrong! :) Anyway, I found you from Behind the Scenes and thought I'd say hi.
    Yay for finding $$! :)

  4. People in Australia are always dressing all crazy with shorts and a down jacket or a wool hat and t-shirt. TOTALLY AWKWARD.

  5. awesome and awkward are always the best!! and yes! to listening to bieber! haha
    xo TJ

  6. cuuute! glad you did this post. good times :]


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