Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wish List Wednesday

{Swagg...these look sooo comfy!}

{iphone...if only I could justify spending an extra $30 a month on a phone}

{Bedding...SO pretty!}

{Yellow Heart Art...check out their store, they sell awesome prints! : ) I think this is funny}
It would be nice to have all of these things but REALLY all I want is for my man to come home!
16 days today!!!

Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!! : ) 


  1. I like when people make lists! :) I hope your 16 days go by much quicker!

  2. I've done the whole long distance thing for 15 months...we just couldnt take it anymore so we got married :-) hmmm, sounds like a good plan, right? hehe

    I love the look of white bedding, just afraid of it getting dirty too fast!

  3. Your blog is doing so well, girl!! Great job!! :)

  4. Ohh I would love a macro lens as well! I have a telephoto..but I take so many up close pics so its a little pointless ha!

    I also really like that bedspread how pretty!

  5. Wish list Wednesday... Love it! I make way too many wish lists. I'm Gunnar have to do this next Wednesday.


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