Monday, September 26, 2011

Food! : )

I am hard at work on my Sponsor Post! But I thought I would quickly share some pictures of food I wish SOOO badly I could eat right now!!!...I am counting calories for a little while, and food like this...well you don't even need to count the calories you already know there are too many!! : ) 

OK now that I am done lusting over food I am going to eat a salad with oil and vinegar dressing....YAH! : ) 

Happy Monday!!!


  1. Holy smokes! I have never wanted anything more than those chocolate chip pumpkin brownies!

  2. Oh yum... greeeaaaat. Just what I needed. haha! I'm really drooling over those pumpkin brownies!

  3. We are making and eating all of those once you are done counting calories!! They all look sooo good!!

  4. Pumpkin brownies....dying. I NEED more food with pumpkin in it now that fall is here!

  5. I'm making the queso dip tonight for my hubby!!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!


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