Thursday, September 15, 2011


Good Morning :)

I found this fall bucket list on Loves of Life last night and I LOVE it!
Fall is one of my most favorite times ever! I love everything about it. The apples, pumpkin spice lattes, the way leaves sound under your feet, big sweaters and warm boots, campfires, roasting s'mores, cuddling with my man by a fireplace {this one is in my head because I don't actually have a fireplace...someday!}, apple picking, pumpkins, the feel of the air, and the colors of the leaves. All of it is beautiful and wonderful and fantastic!

I think this is the second rant I have gone on about my obsession with fall but I just cant help it! So be warned, this is probably not my last!

The only thing I would add to this list would be to go to the beach with your love. You may not think this is a good idea but it is {I promise}! Bring blankets, sweatshirts, and some wine. It is perfect! Travis and I did it last year and it was one of my favorite things that we have ever done. There was no one there so we could sit anywhere and we were alone outside on the huge beach with the fall breeze. When you go somewhere that is normally swarming with people but this time no one is there, it is so peaceful and lovely. That is how I felt while we laid there all bundled up holding was pure bliss.

Now, not to ruin this beautiful picture I am painting but lets be realistic...after being there for about 15 minutes it started to rain. Soooo yeah. Perfect moment over. shoot. Don't worry though we will be doing it again when he comes home in 30 DAYS and this time hopefully {fingers crossed} it wont rain : )

Now that you have heard about my beautiful perfect evening with my man {nudge nudge ladies tell your husbands/boyfriends about this really cute thing your friends did, maybe they will get the hint} here is the fall bucket list!....
{Here is the LINK if you wanted to print it! Go check out what Katie over at Loves of Life did with it, such a good idea!} 

Have a fantastic Thursday!


  1. I love this bucket list for Fall! So going to steal it myself to do...:)

  2. Ahhhh that beach idea sounds glorious! :)

  3. umm, it is basically my goal to complete all of these things for fall. so amazing! love it! thanks for sharing girl!
    xo TJ

  4. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love yours! Very cute design! I blogged about this today thanks for the cute idea!

  5. Great list! I think I need to do this to. Everyone needs to take the time and spell the autumn air! New follower :)

  6. I love this! I wish we had a place to pick apples here. I totally want to do this bucket list!

  7. This sounds like an AMAZING idea!

  8. Sweaters, hot chocolate, boots, Halloween...what's not to love about fall? I am a fellow fall-lover and your blog is adorable :)


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