Saturday, September 24, 2011

Blogging + Artprize!

Good Afternoon fabulous bloggers!

I am just discovering on this sunny fall morning {well afternoon really but I just woke up} how much of a full time job this blogging gig can be! Holy cow! I only wish I could actually do it full time! Unfortunately I still have to go to work and school : ( So I am attempting to keep everything organized in a million Microsoft word documents but I promise eventually I will get the hang of it and October sponsors will be up! : )

More to my point right now I have A LOT of homework and needs to be done and instead I am laying here on my bed blogging...shoot...I should pull myself together! I guess my priority should be school but that is not easy for me! School is VERY LEAST favorite thing in the world to do! So when I have school and blogging to do the blog wins EVERY time : )

On to more exciting things {because even though I just had that pep talk with myself I am still not going to do my hw} this week was the start of Artprize! Even if you don't live in Grand Rapids you may have heard of this. Artprize is basically a HUGE art show all over downtown Grand Rapids, on buildings, on bridges, inside, outside, on ceilings, on people, everywhere there is art literally everywhere. Anyone from all over the world can enter their art into this competition and the people vote for who they like. It goes on for 2 weeks, everything is free. It brings in SOOO many people to Grand Rapids! People also come from all over to see it! So yeah it is kind of a big deal, and if you live anywhere near Grand Rapids I would HIGHLY recommend coming to see it, its worth the drive for sure!

You have to register to vote for the artists so I went with my friend Lindsey to do that the other day! They set up places all over downtown to do this. They give you a little vote sticker : ) 

I am going downtown to look at everything on Sunday with my mom, sammie, and her mom! I am SO excited! So I bought a map so we would know where everything was! 

And! At work they are letting us where at Artprize t-shirt to help promote it...this is the one I bought :) You would know how exciting this is for me if you knew what I usually have to wear to work.  
I will put pictures up after I go of everything I see! : ) 

Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC weekend! 
I will be back next week because I should probably stick to doing hw the rest of this weekend : )


  1. Very exciting! That's a really awesome tshirt!

  2. I LOVE that t-shirt! Can't wait to see all the amazing art. It reminds me of Scottsdale, AZ and their artwalk. SO cool.

  3. yes, yes, I would call the t-shirt a major improvement! Love you!

  4. I love the idea of the Artprize, very exciting! Cool t-shirt too! Good luck with that homework haha blogging is much more fun :)

    -Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

  5. Blogging is waay more fun than homework haha!

    Artprize sounds interesting! I am also planning to go to an art exhibit next week with my sister. I'm excited to take pictures! :-)

  6. I'm passing on the Versatile Blogger Award to you! Check it out at:

    Congratulations :)

    -Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

  7. Hi Kelli (: thanks for the comment. I am loving your blog and art prize sounds awesome. Do you sponsor swap? If so I'd love to be a swapper (:

  8. It's so hard staying motivating with school! I'm all online so facebook, blogging, pinterest, twittter...etc all seem so much better when i should be doing assignments! Feel ya girl!

  9. oh how fun!! Are in you in Grand Rapids, MI? That is where my parents are from. What a small world. Looks like an awesome art fair!


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