Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wine Wednesday

Wine Wednesday does not mean that I drink wine all day. For the record.

This morning I hung out with G whom I have not seen in 2 weeks and I missed her so much! I just don't think I can say enough how much she brightens my day : ) My favorite thing that she has been doing lately is we will just be hanging out playing, reading a book, whatever it may be and she will just stop what she is doing, look over at me, and say "hi Kelli" : ) I know that is nothing exciting and you are probably thinking that is stupid but she is just so sweet it just melts my heart : )

I then headed home and fell asleep for 3 hours of much needed sleep, Travis came over to see me for a little while before I had to go into work for a staff meeting, After the meeting (and a quick trip to Target) I stopped over to see Travis (yes you can laugh I wont care, I am kind of obsessed with him), and THEN the wine : ) Audrey and I for a while now have been going to Blue Water Grill on Wednesdays for half off wine! I love it! It is something fun to look forward to in the middle of the week cause wednesdays are just lame and wine and Audrey makes them much better! : ) We get the same drink every time and just sit and talk for a couple of hours it is wonderful! Occasionally Allison will join us too which we like very much! After this week it will have to become "wine on Allison's couch while skyping Audrey Wednesdays", it doesn't really have the nice ring of "wine Wednesday" but I like it just the same : ) And thats enough about that, I don't want to talk about it anymore. We are going to pretend for the rest of the week that my best friend is not moving away.
I guess that is enough about wine Wednesday's, it probably doesn't seem like something worthy of blogging about but it is I promise, you should try it. Sitting outside on a patio, listening to music, and sipping wine with friends is something I think everyone needs a little bit of in their life : )
Try to ignore the super shocked looking face, it was dark and my camera flash is not very forgiving : )
I am SO thankful for these two girls in my life! I could not ask for better "sisters" : )
That was my wine Wednesday and I loved every minute of it : )

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