Sunday, August 7, 2011

Whip Cream

Today Starbucks gave me a cup of whip was a very happy moment for me.
I LOVE Starbucks whip cream.
Every time we go to Starbucks (which is a lot, we are kind of obsessed) Travis gets a venti carmel frappuccino and I always eat all the whip cream (and have a couple sips of course).
He always jokes that I should order a cup of whip cream but I never really had the courage to ask.
Today when asked if he wanted whip or no whip Travis had the audacity to say no whip! I of course said out loud "WHAT?!! yes he wants whip!"
And because those capitalized letters are not for dramatic effect, I was actually visibly shocked the Starbucks barista asked me if I wanted a cup of just whip cream.
: ) Starbucks barista you have made my day!

Yes this post is solely about Starbucks whip cream.
No I do not care how many calories are in that cup.
Yes from now on I will ask for my own up of whip cream.

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