Saturday, August 27, 2011

O. is for the only one I see

SO! I am currently laying in a hotel bed in Muskegon...I am babysitting some chitlens...the kids are sleeping and I have watched 4 episodes of 2 and a half men, bride wars, and failure to launch. All the while I have been trying to do a post of my day yesterday with my wonderful boyfriend. But NOOOO the internet here will not allow me to do anything I actually want to do. SO after 2 hours of trying and trying AND TRYING to upload all my pictures, I QUIT!

All I really want to say is I am a VERY lucky girl! : ) I have the MOST wonderful boyfriend in the whole world!

Travis is going back to Virginia on Monday : (
I try not to think about it. I hate living so far away from him!
This summer has been WONDERFUL!
I love being able to stop by after work and watch a movie before we have to go to bed, call him when I am sad and feel his arms around me in 5 minutes, wake up to him bringing me starbucks, cuddle with him every day, hold his hand in the car while we run errands.
Even though we can not do these things all year I love knowing that even though we are going to be far apart from each other for a while, we are always going to be together!

I love him very very much, and I am a VERY VERY lucky girl!

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