Sunday, August 21, 2011

My 2 Favorite Girls

So this week was my last week with Georgia : (
I have been watching her for 1 year every Tuesday and Thursday.
Unfortunately my school schedule does not allow me to take 2 days a week off.
So for this, along with 99% of my other problems, I blame Grand Valley.
G is my BFF and I love her so much!
I hate that I will not be able to hang out with her as often : (
And my other favorite little girl is Alayna! These 2 girls are the best ever!!
My last day with G we went to Fredrik Meijer Gardens and hung out with Allison and Alayna! It was a wonderful day : )
I love them both so much!
Just look how cute they are!!
Hope everyone had a happy weekend!!

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  1. the quote next to the pic! I just put together a post with all these pics too!


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