Sunday, July 31, 2011

Highs and Lows

Here are my highs and lows of the week! Apparently this was started on the blog Life Crafts & Whatever but I found it on Shaydes of Life a childhood friend who has a great blog! : )

My Highs...

1. Going to the beach with Travis yesterday

2. Doing Crafts with Sammie and watching Overboard...I will put pictures of what I made soon.

3. Working on being more diligent about reading before bed and I would say I was 60% successful this week, better than last week! I am currently reading Bittersweet by Shauna Niequist.

4. Having dinner with my wonderful grandma for her birthday : )


1. Homework, this will probably be my low for the next year so get used to it.

2. It rained on Wednesday when my mom and I wanted to lay by the neighbors pool, it was a bummer!

3. I did get to lay by the pool one day because it was nice and I got REALLY burnt so that was not so great.

Thats all for today! Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!


  1. Thanks for linking up, doll! Sounds like your week was pretty good, minus the sunburn. I always burn on my shoulders, ugh! Where as my daughters tan if they think about the sun, even with a ton of sunblock on.

    I always read before bed (or catch up on Words With Friends). It's nice having a minute to unwind.

    Happy birthday, Grandma! I wish mine lived closer. What a great pic!

  2. Love reading before I go to bed if I am not too tired. Also, LOVE Overboard... such a good movie! Sorry about it raining when you wanted to go out... Here in Dallas we are praying for rain on a daily basis... Have a great week!


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