Monday, March 24, 2014


If you know us or follow me on instagram you know we recently moved. We were really sad to leave our old place so moving was kind of hard, and hard just because moving is literally the worst! Anyways, moving, work, and getting settled into the new place is what we have been up to lately! 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Out West

Happy first day of spring friends! 

On this Spring day, which sorry to all you Michigan folk feels like summer here in San diego, I am going to make a list of some places I want to see while we are on the west coast! Spring feels like a good time to make goals! I have to say this is not my natural tendency, I am more go with the flow always whatever the flow might be. However my husband is more like, lets dream about going to the moon and you best believe some day we will go to the moon. He asked me to make this list so I figured I would share it with all of you and hopefully some day I can tell you about when we see these places! Any-who here it goes in no particular order...

1. The Grand Canyon
2. Joshua Tree National Park
3. The Redwood Forest
4. Indian Beach, Ecola State Park...In Oregon, and while we are up there Seattle...and if you look this up no I don't want to go there just because they filmed Twilight here...ok maybe thats a little bit why...moving on
5. San Francisco 
6. Arches National Park in Utah
7. Catalina Island
8. Big Sur California
9. Yosemite National Park
10. Horse back riding in Sedona Arizona

Now that I looked at all of these places online I am real excited! Better start planning! :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Last weekend we went to Los Angeles for the first time! Our friends from Tennessee were going to be there on vacation so they invited us to join them. It was such a fun weekend! We saw a lot and we were just so happy to be with the Johnson's :) We missed them tons! So here is an obsessive amount of pictures and information from our weekend!...

On Saturday we got there in the morning and went for breakfast at Eggslut, different but good. After breakfast we headed to venice beach, such a crazy place! We walked around, watched all the crazy people, saw a street dance show, saw muscle beach, and had lunch. In the evening the Johnson's when to a basketball game so Travis and I went to a comedy show at the Comedy Store. It was so fun, we laughed a lot! 
On Sunday we had breakfast at Jist Cafe, SOOO good! I would highly recommend it if you are in LA. In the afternoon all the boys went to a basketball game so Melody and I walked around downtown. We saw China town, the Walt Disney Concert Hall, and a cool market with fresh produce and little food stands.  We met the boys after the game and had dinner at a Mexican restaurant where they made guacamole at our table, so fun! Then did a little shopping and went to a movie. 
On Monday we went to The Grove Mall, fanciest, coolest mall I have ever been to! I had my first ever Sprinkles cupcake, it was amazing! We just walked around, got some candy, and had delicious fancy burgers for lunch. After that we went to Rodeo drive and walked around for a few. Then in the evening we all went to a basketball game together! 
It was SUCH an awesome weekend! Thank you so much Brad and Melody for everything! 
We had so so much fun!! 
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